Sunday, 17 May 2009

Make Me Sad

While scouring the internet a couple of months ago for something a bit different, as is my want and much to L's consternation I came across a review for a split 7" single by 2 Scottish bands Wake The President and The Kingfishers neither of whom I had heard before.

On streaming the Wake The President track it became apparent that the band had been listening to a lot of post punk and Postcard in particular, not a bad thing.

The real find for me was the track on the other side, Make Me Sad. On listening to this I was transported back to the mid 80's, it reminded me of Friends Again, especially Honey At The Core for some reason, although it sounds absolutely nothing like it. On further investigation it turns out that the song is a cover of a Vic Goddard song. Goddard's band Subway Sect being a major influence on the Postcard bands. I played the track about 5 or 6 times and decided that the single had to be purchased.

This is when things start to get interesting. The single is on Aufgeladen und Bereit a German label out of Hamburg which seems to specialise in Scottish Indiepop with bands such as Found, Future Pilot AKA amongst others and is also Vic Goddard's label. If Scottish indiepop is your bag then you should check the label out. There is a particularly good compilation album called Get While The Getting's Good (another reference to Scottish pop as the title has been borrowed from the title of a track on The Orange Juice album) 19 tracks which cover everything from the afore mentioned indiepop to modern folk. I can vouch for the service as I got my 7" within 4 days of ordering it, quicker than orders from down south at times.

This single was actually released in April last year and unfortunately is now sold out.

The Kingfishers - Make Me Sad

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Stevie said...

Wonder if this label has anything to do with the legendary Marina label - also in Hamburg, who have championed Scottish indie for many years...namely The Pearlfishers (too many coincidences here!) and previously Chris Thomson's outfit, The Bathers, Skinner (formerly Hipsway) and a few others.. Brilliant label.