Tuesday 19 May 2009

Snooker Loopy

Who else but the genuis that is Mark E Smith would write a song about snooker?

Chas n who?

Not very interesting fact - Eminem sampled Chas n Dave on My Name Is. It's amazing what you can learn from Radio 4.

Von Sudenfed - Slow Down Ronnie


Mondo said...

Does The Faces Pool Hall Richard count?

AC/DC did Sink The Pink, but it may not strictly been snooker based

drew said...

No I don't think that AC/DC were on about snooker Mondo.

davyh said...

Let's not forget the seminal '(Everybody's Doing The) Len Ganley Stance' by Half Man Half Biscuit, in honour of the legendary snooker referee.

drew said...

I had forgotten about Len Ganley Stance, Davy.