Friday 8 May 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

How about some Big Beat buffoonery to kick of the weekend.

Ctel, over at Acid Ted had a post last Saturday about Fatboy Slim which got me reminiscing.

When Everybody Loves a 303 came out and more leftfield sounds started to get noticed it was a breath of fresh air for me. Before Big Beat and Cook in particular put the fun back in dance music everything was getting either too dark or disappearing up it's own arse. Dj's were starting to believe the hype and sets became one long exercise in mixing and technique to the detriment of the original objective of having a good time. .

Then along came Skint, Wall of Sound and others with these totally over the top amphetamine driven tracks aimed directly at the dance floor and not taking themselves too seriously. It was brilliant for a time but like everything else in dance music it became a parody of itself as more and more less talented artists jumped on the bandwagon.

Here from 1995 is my favourite track from Fatboy Slim's first album, Better Living Through Chemistry.

Fatboy Slim - The Sound Of Milwaukee.

For more stuff like this check out the Skint Brassic Beats compilations or get your hands on The Chemical Brothers Live At The Social Volume 1 here , you'll love it.


Mondo said...

Funnily Enough I've made up a 'Big Beats' playlist over the last couple of weeks loaded with similar thumpers..

drew said...

That I would like to here Mondo, love the Star Treck post btw.

Mondo said...

Keep watching Drew I may knock up a 'Too Big For Their Beats' mix in time for summer

PS If you wondering Captain Kirk is - check back next week where he'll be accompanied a guest - both doing cover versions...

churlish dervish said...

any chance you could throw up Phatty's Lunchbox by the Mekon...proper dump truck funky!

drew said...

PM - if it's the cover I'm thinking of your post today promted me to play it.

cd - I'm sure I've got that somewhere, check back later