Saturday 9 May 2009

Does There Have To Be A Reason?

If there does, then, it's miserable up here, cold, wet and windy and this tune has just lifted my spirits. I haven't a clue what she is going on about but something this lovely can't be depressing can it?

Gal Costa - Baby


davyh said...

Very nice. I see some people have had a go at translating the lyrics here, though I'm not sure it helps much.

It's lovely and sunny here, but I won't go on about it.

Fredorrarci said...

Actually, the English lyrics are for another version of 'Baby', performed by Os Mutantes.

Os Mutantes also did the Portuguese version.

A beautiful song in any version, I reckon.

davyh said...

Si. The link has 'another version' - and a brave attempt, if you scroll down, by someone who speaks some Portuguese to translate. What larks.

Has it stopped raining there yet?

Lovely sunny evening here (but I won't go on about it, obviously).