Saturday, 7 March 2009

Touched By The Hand Of God III

Andy Weatherall was at his peak, in my opinion in the early 90's, producing the best parts of Screamadelica, Sabres of Paradise label/band and some truly inspired remixes, in fact too many to list here.

When I heard back in 1991 that he was going to produce Dove I nearly creamed myself with excitement. They had been responsible for my favourite track of that year, Fallen, which was no mean feat in a year that spawned so many classic dance tunes.

However the first release from the pairing left me a little deflated. They re-released Fallen after changing their name to One Dove due to legal hassles with another band of the same name. I was somewhat bemused by the release as I didn't think that the reworking added anything to the original. Looking back on it now, it would have been irresponsible for Weatherall to have radically altered what was damn near a perfect record.

The next release Transient Truth is a wonderfully dubby chilled out tune in it's original format and turned into what at the time was referred to as Progressive House in it's Old Toys mix and Old Toys dub.

The mix we are concerned with comes from the almost legendary Sabres Of Paradise Mixes promo, which until I found Discogs thought was a figment of my imagination. I have to thank the wonderful STX from audio.out who posted all 4 of the mixes last year and made me happier than a pig in shite but he also refocused my mind on the quest to get my hands on a reasonably priced copy, there is one on Discogs for sale but at 49 euros out of my price range.

If anybody has a copy and is willing to let it go for a reasonable price, please get in contact.

One Dove - Transient Truth (Sabres of Paradise Death Of A Disco Dancer)

Now, Weatherall remixing The Fall, that is the sort of things dreams are made of.


Ctelblog said...

"Weatherall remixing The Fall" only if it was an instrumental mix-ah.

drew said...

Surely not, you need MES, as he says "if it's me an yir granny on bongos then it's the Fall".

Simon said...

I used to daydream about the artists Weatherall could remix/produce; in fact most of the music I made myself during the 90s was a result of imagining him working with Jarvis Cocker, Prince and Minnie Riperton, if you can imagine that. I wish he'd been producing/remixing earlier though, the dream combo would have been him with The Clash. That would have been perfect.

I think his own stuff is better than any of the stuff he did with other people though. Smokebelch II, the version that was on the first Sabres album, is one of my all time favourite pieces of music, and the the Two Lone Swordsmen album Fifth Mission is a sneaky favourite to sit back and relax to.

swissadam said...

I always wanted him to produce new order, especially after the remixes of Regret. But the Fall would be great too. A Weatherall Johnny Marr thing would be interesting. I could go on...