Monday, 30 March 2009

Anything We Wanted To Be

After spending a great day yesterday with friends celebrating the birthday that I mentioned in Saturday's post I had all these ideas and reminiscences that I was going to share but I don't think that I'll bother, as if you weren't there, you wouldn't really be all that interested anyway.

Driving home, I couldn't get this song out of my head for some reason. It doesn't have any resonance with the company, apart from the fact that we have probably all seen the film that the song comes from but the words just seemed to be apt for a day spent with friends taking stock of where they came from and where they were at that moment.

I realise that I have just blown any air of cool that I had by posting this tune. But be honest, if you took the time to download it, did it not make you smile on a Monday?

Paul Williams - You Give A Little Love

WTF has the picture got to do with the post? I hear you ask. If you substitute a Baltimore diner in the 50s, the shirts and ties and replace it with a pub in Lanarkshire in the late 80's with guys in Fred Perry's and Ma1's you just about have it. I, of course, am the Mickey Rourke figure.


londonlee said...

So who do you rate? Sinatra or Mathis?

JC said...

Mickey Rourke??? I'll be having a quiet word young man when I next see you...

drew said...

londonlee, the definitive answer? Presley.