Sunday 8 March 2009

The Merits Of Technology?

I was going to post something nice and mellow today as I intended to be nursing a hangover this morning. I was out with a couple of mates last night and we ended up in the pub where we spent more time than was healthy for us in our youth. It has had a revamp recently and looks a bit too trendy for the likes of us.

My mate pointed out that it had one of those Internet jukeboxes, where you can access any track that you can find on the net. I am not totally comfortable with this concept. Being able to listen to whatever you want whenever takes the fun out of hearing the unexpected. I know that I am being quite contrary here as I love that I carry around 15 000 tracks on my ipod which I can play whenever.

I am coming to the conclusion that music is being slightly devalued by it's ubiquity. This has been reinforced recently by the use of one of my favourite northern soul tunes "Come On Train" by Don Thomas by a credit card company not only that but some idiot has fucked about with it trying to update it. Why? I don't grudge Don Thomas getting a royalty cheque I'm probably just being a wee bit precious about it.

I'm not going to post Come on Train as Simon at The Songs That People Sing did just that last week and was asked to take it down as it was being re released. Instead here is another track originally touched by the hand of God which has lost it's shine from hearing it down the phone every time I have to contact my ISP. The version posted is the alternate Terry Farley mix.

BTW You know that you are getting old when you decide to leave the pub when the young team arrive as you realize that you are no longer going to be able to hear each other talk. Hence the failure in achieving the goal of a hangover this morning.

Primal Scream - Come Together (Terry Farley mix)

Also tenuously linked to the above mitherings

Red Guitars - Good Technology

ps - Congratulations to The Supper and S on the birth of their daughter this morning


Simon said...

Word verification: difuzzy.

I've just come back from a lunchtime visit to one of my favourite boozers and decided that heading for home to put the kettle on was actually what I wanted!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Cheers Drew!


Max said...

Know what you mean about the 'Scream there Drew - I've recently left said ISP and after initially thinking it was quite cool that they played Come Together, I soon got fed up with it too. Before that they were playing Thunderclap Newman's Something In The Air on a constant loop. I should point out though that I didn't leave them for their taste in music, but was extremely disappointed with their customer service....!