Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mo' Pop

Mo Pop was the second single from Dot Allison's debut solo album, Afterglow. It is my favourite track on a very mellow album which ditches for the main part the dub and dance beats of her previous band One Dove in favour of a more 60s influenced sound.

She has produced a further 2 solo albums. We Are Science which is a much darker affair and very influenced by the electroclash sound which was prevalent at the time. Her last album i can't tell you very much about as I lost interest after downloading the Beneath The Ivy ep and finding it to be quite disappointing.

Of the 3 albums I think that the debut is still the best and well worth the 4 to 5 quid it is being offered for on Amazon used and new.

Dot Allison - Mo' Pop


Anonymous said...

Loved close your eyes meself, ace tune!

I thumbed past a couple of the singles from the album at home yesterday funnily enough.

Great blog as ever.


Davy H said...

I've had the album for years but only uploaded this song after you mentioned it on a Last FM 'shout'. And ever since I've been playing it a lot. I like it when that sort of thing that happens.

Simon said...

I could never listen to her solo stuff without wishing it was as good as One Dove, Dot's good, but they were something else. I think I'll give them a listen right now.

drew said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew.

I like that sort of thing too Davy.

Simon. the first solo album may not be as good as Morning Dove White but I think it's worth giving it another try.

JC said...

If the rest of the LP is as good as this, then I won't regret just ordering it...

Cheers comrade.