Sunday, 15 February 2009

Possibly the finest anti-Thatcher song ever.

If there is one thing I hate with all my being it is Margaret Thatcher and I make no apologies for this, the sight of her can induce apoplexy in me and when I here her voice I feel physically sick. I read recently an article which said that the left should by now have gotten over their irrational hatred of the Iron Lady ( a term which I was once told had been mistranslated from the Russian and the actual quote was "frigid bitch", oh how I wish that to be true) and embrace the reforms that she had introduced, after all their leadership have. Bollocks!

The reason for the rant is that on the way home from an excellent lunch yesterday the Fine Young Cannibals popped into my head. They were responsible for, in my opinion, the finest anti-Thatcher song, Blue. The song is neither ranty nor preachy, it has a rather catchy chorus, is extremely soulful and is quite upbeat until you listen to the lyrics.

The version posted is the original album version, the track was remixed by someone for the single version and in my opinion they made a pig's ear of it, replacing the real emotion of the original with stale electronic beats, extra horn flourishes and a new vocal track.

This track also reminds me of my time as a student in Aberdeen long ago. A girl I knew then would substitute "Drew" for blue in the chorus and with hindsight she was probably right.

Fine Young Cannibals - Blue

And as an extra treat, the second best anti-Thatcher song.

The Beat - Stand Down Margaret.


Simon said...

I always thought the best leftie songs from the time were the ones that got right to the heart(less) of the problem anyhow. The rest of the government were only dancing to her tune. I sometimes can't bring myself to speak her name even now. My mum was from one of the mining communities that suffered, the scars are still there to be seen in that particular community. I'll not be happy til she's in the ground personally.

Planet Mondo said...

There's a crusty ol' punk round our way that wears an 'I Still Hate Thatcher' tee - fantastic..

Nolan Micron said...

A pair of classics there and no mistake. But no "Tramp The Dirt Down" by Elvis?

Great posting as usual, Drew. Thanks, Man.

Agnes said...

Another good one is 'Black Boys on Mopeds' by Sinead O'Connor. Wonderful song.

Sonic Reducer said...

Good choices! I remember another one: "(I'm in Love With) Margaret Thatcher" by Not Sensibles.

Dave said...

This could have been an anti Thatcher song!

drew said...

That would do Dave, never thought about it before, will add it to the tunes for the party.

Anonymous said...

To Expose Thatchers role in the BAE/Saudi deal view, share with freinds in UK.