Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Boy Wonder

Anybody that knows me, will tell you that I have a bit of an obsession for the boy wonder and will tell anyone who will listen, how criminally underrated I think he is and with the exception of a large part of Love that his output is singularly impeccable.

(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice was a track recorded for a special NME album Ruby Trax recorded to celebrate the magazine's 40th Anniversary. It is worth getting a hold of as some of the covers are very good indeed, the Manics - Suicide is Painless and the Jesus And Mary Chain's interpretation of Little Red Rooster and some downright mad The Fall's Legend Of Xanadu.

The second track was originally on Roddy's first solo album The North Star a forgotten gem. I saw copies of the cd for sale for 3 quid in Fopp the other week and couldn't believe that it was so cheap. This version comes from the Live In Osaka cd which can be purchased here.

Both tracks are rather upbeat in keeping with the mood this week.

Aztec Camera/Andy Fairweather-Low - (If Paradise is) Half As Nice

Roddy Frame - Reason For Living


Simon said...

Hey guess what, I so very nearly posted Roddy's version of Paradise at the weekend because the original was number one in the charts the day I was born.

A bout of pre birthday paralysis stopped that though!!

drew said...

This is becoming far too frequent, Simon, a case for Mulder and Scully, me thinks.

Ctelblog said...

"Criminally underrated" for sure