Saturday, 7 February 2009

Last Nite

In a studio filled with a fog of skunk smoke somewhere in north London -

"I've got a great idea for a cover. We take one of of the tracks off of that album that sort of re-invented garage rock and made every spotty teenager want to pick up a guitar again rather than a sampler or a set of decks, and . . . this is the good bit we turn it into an acid jazz, soul, dancefloor friendly groove. Won't that blow people's minds!!".

That is how I like to think the conversation went during the conception of this track, although probably not.

You will either love this or hate it. I think it is as funky as fuck and make no apologies to the tight arsed indie snobs who will cry "sacrilege" and weep into their extremely expensive bottled lager.

Jumbonics - Last Nite


Simon said...

Really want to listen to this but it's locked; asks for a password to authorise it on my computer.

Meanwhile I really like The Strokes, and I think the original is great. But when he sings 'last night' I just want to sing Roxanne.

drew said...

Apologies Simon, don't know what happened there, should be sorted now.

btw did you get my email?

Simon said...

I hadn't. But I just checked in spam and there it was. Bloody AOL!

Much appreciated.

Simon said...

Well that works. Good version!

JC said...

Hey.....I reserve the right to be a tight arsed indie snob AND love this cover.

drew said...

Glad to here it JC, didn't actually have you down as being tight arsed but an indie snob, well maybe but not completely as your Elton John post proved.