Friday 20 December 2019

The Tracks Of My Year

It has been a very good, if somewhat expensive year on the music front. This year has seen me move even further towards psych and kraut influenced sounds of which there have been plenty. As ever a certain A.Weatherall makes an appearance and is the only person to have featured in every round up in the 10 years that this blog has been trying to force what in my arrogant opinion are the best tracks of the year,  however this is the first year that he has been responsible for the top tune. I must have played his remix of Edge of Wonder at least 50 times and it still never fails to make me smile. However, if the Sault track had been released as a 7" it would probably have taken the top spot as it would have been flogged to death, if there was a tune of 2019 that warranted a release in that form at it was Let Me Go. I was lucky enough to get the last copy of the Jarv Is 12" one Saturday in July on one of my regular visits to Monorail.

There have been loads of those songs that have grabbed me this year but at the time of writing these are the ones from the notebook where I jot down songs that really make an impression on me. There will be a couple of glaring omissions as usual but that's just life.

1. Silver Apples - Edge of Wonder (Andrew Weatherall mix)
2. Sault - Let Me Go
3. Unloved - Boy & Girl
4. Glok - Dissident
5. L'Epee - Une Lune Etrange
6. Kate Tempest - People's Faces
7. Mattiel - Keep The Change
8. Jarv is - Must I Evolve
9. Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control (21 minutes of madness)
10. Karen O & Dangermouse - Lux Prima (full version)
11. Utopia Strong - Brain Surgeons 3
12. Cowgirl In Sweden - Blood Runs Cold
13. Les Big Byrd - Sno Golum
14.[Retreat] - Come With Us
15. Lo-Five - Life Without Fear
16. W.H. Lung - Simpatico People
17. Dallas Acid - The Spiral Arm
18. Self Esteem - The Best
19. Dream Division - Quantum Rip
20. Moon Duo - Lost Heads
21. Kungens Man - Man Med Medel
22. Four Tet - Anna Painting
23. Jenny Lewis - Hollywood Lawn
24. The Regrettes - California Friends
25. Post Human - Over The Great Red Eye
26. K.H. - Only Human
27. [Retreat] - One One One
28. Sendelica - Windmill (Chocolate Orb dubbed mix)
29. Black Doldrums - T-W-R-T-N-D-H (Broken Light mix)
30. Nick Waterhouse - Song For Winners
31. Sunray - Music For The Dream Machine - phase II (original mix)
32.Scott Fraser - Together More
33. The Action - Follow Me
34. The Cult of Free Love -  Substance 2
35. Richard Fearless - Acid Angels
36. Moon Goose - The Mysterious Coffins of Arthur's Seat
37.Hannah Peel - The Moon In All It's Splendour
38. Psychic Lemon - Dark Matter
39. Meursault - Beaten
40.The Liminanas - Non, Non, Rien Na Change


keepingitpeel said...

Nice to see a Weatherall mix at number one. If only there was say, a Manchester based blogger who would occasionally post his work. But as far as I know, there isn't any...

Swiss Adam said...

I may know someone....

Swiss Adam said...

Good work Drew. I missed out on the Jarv Is release completely.

Brian said...

Thanks for taking the time to do your lists, even of you forgot to call them self indulgent this year. Always enjoy that. More that I don't know than I know, but that's the fun of it. Looking forward to listening. To name just a few, you had convinced me of "Lux Prima" earlier in the year, and we agree on Moon Duo and Regrettes (obviously). Cowgirl in Sweden is high on my shopping list. My songs list could be a whopper, but I'll try to keep it to a festive 50. It's been quite a year for all the wrong reasons, but it was a terrific year for music.

acidted said...

fine selection. lots for me to explore.