Tuesday 20 August 2019

Not Just A One Album Thing, Then

My favourite bratty California teenagers. The Regrettes  are back with a new album, How Do You Love and also a European Tour and the bampots have managed to sell-out King Tut's before I got a chance to get a ticket. Still it will stop me feeling as deeply self conscious as I did when I saw them a couple of years ago in Nice and Sleazy's with all the teenagers giving me a double take and the "what the fuck is that old guy doing here?"look.

The new album is not radically different from their debut, all loud guitars, shouty lyrics and lots of attitude. Ok, at times it is a bit repetitive, the intros to 4 of the songs are very very similar, but that never stopped The Ramones. The Regrettes aren't quite in the same league as those legends but then again songwriter, guitarist and singer Lydia Night is still only 18 so you never know. Not the most original sound in the world but there is always a time and a place for fun, thrashy  rock n roll.


Brian said...

That last album was a very good time. More of the same works for me. A tiny quibble, but they could really use some help on their album art. It really sucks to feel like the dirty old man at a show like that, but what can we do? Stay home? Not an option.

drew said...

The album art is pish Brian, do you think that it may be deliberate?

Brian said...

Could be, Drew.