Wednesday 21 August 2019

Sound of My Summer

A few months ago I took a punt on an album on just what I had read about it quite a strange event these days but there were no tracks posted anywhere but there was a buzz coming from sources I trust, Monorail and Piccadilly Records amongst others so went for it. The album duly arrived, a white cover with only the words Cowgirl In Sweden on the front and on the reverse the track names and the label nothing else. I put the album on and knew right from the off that I had made the right decision and this record would spend quite a bit of time on the turntable. The album has the sound of late 60s Southern California, filled with pop psych nuggets at least one of which is a cover, The West Coast Experimental Pop Band's "Here's Where You Belong". which although harking back to the heady days of peace and love still sounds fresh and has been one of my albums of the summer.

As there was absolutely no information on the record and I was quite curious as to who this band were and so headed to the internet where there really wasn't very much but pretty much all of the pieces I could find agreed on who they thought were responsible; more of which to come.

Cowgirl In Sweden - This Earth 

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