Monday 24 June 2019

Monday's Long Song

Those few of you who still visit here don't know how lucky you are today as it was my intention to inflict all 26:30 minutes of a live version of Supper's Ready by Genesis on you. But I decided that to keep any shred of credibility not to mention visitors to this site it would probably be best to keep one of the best examples of prog self indulgence to myself. Turning fifty has had some strange effects on me not least me digging about in the most embarrassing corners of my record collection and listening to things that have not seen the light of day in over thirty years. Ok, there is some pish lurking in there but I can proudly hold my head up and say that at least there is no Queen or U2.

Instead I have decided that you may be a bit more receptive to a bit of Mugstar. The Liverpool band are well known for their lengthy spacerock/kraut inspired journeys, all pounding bass, phasing guitars and metronimic beats and Serra (Distant Sun I) certainly falls into this category. Posted is side one of a limited 12" pressed on green vinyl and remixed by Robert Hampson, one time member of 80s Space Rockers, Loop. The other side Serra (Distant Sun II) is a continuation of the remix of the track from 2010 album Lime and played in it's entirety it's not a bad way to spend 37 + minutes of your time.

Mugstar - Serra (Distant Sun I) 

1 comment:

The Swede said...

A splendid racket, but then I'm a sucker for that motorik thang.

I chucked a bit of prog out there this morning and will probably do so again before the Long Song series runs its course, so I reckon you should definitely hit us up with Supper's Ready at some point.