Saturday 15 December 2018

The Tracks Of My Year

Right here we go, time for what some have called the most indulgent post in a year of indulgent posts and I'm not going to argue. I like lists and I like compiling lists too. I was looking back at this list from previous years and there is a definite shift  away from the what would I suppose be termed as traditional "indie" to heavier, guitar based sounds that are generally longer. but still mixed with a large dollop of dance and a couple of bits of pop thrown in for good measure. This is also the first year since 2010 that their has been no presence from The xx in any form, not even a remix of somebody else by Jamie xx, if he has been active over the past 12 months then I have not heard it. Andrew Weatherall keeps up the record as the only artist to have featured on every one of my yearly lists. Although he has been slightly less prolific than last year he has still cost me a pretty penny. He could have easily made up a quarter of this list but I have limited him to three entries. I suspect that Lord Sabre will feature more prominently over at SA's Bagging Area when he gets his arse in gear.

It was pretty apparent from the first time that I heard SX1000 back in March that it would take something really special to usurp it from being my favourite track of the year and so it proved to be not even a highly anticipated Spiritualized album or a return to best form by the Orb produced anything that could create a bigger grin or hold my attention the same. Not even continual playing on YouTube prior to actually getting my hands on the 12" could sicken me off of first single from the Lucid Dream's 4th album. Magic stuff.

1, The Lucid Dream - SX1000
2, The Orb - Soul Planet
3. Spiritualized - I'm Your Man
4. Andrew Weatherall - Making Friends With The Invader
5. Traceyanne & Danny - O'Keefe
6. Jono Ma & Dreems - A Love Trance Mission From NK to 7S
7. Public Sector Broadcasting - They Gave Me A Lamp (Plaid mix)
8. Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel
9. Primal Scream - Big Jet Plane (original Mephis recording)
10.Daniel Avery - Glitter (Jon Hopkins mix)
11.Mogwai - We're Not Done (End Titles)
12.She Drew The Gun - Wolf & Bird
13.Mien - Black Habit
14.Psychic Lemon - Exit To The Death Lane
15.Jon Hopkins - Luminous Beings
16.Mattiel - Just A Name
17.Tomorrow Syndicate - A Glitch In Time
18.Haiku Salut - Iam Who I Remind You Of
19.Rival Consoles - Persona
20.Tracey Thorn - Sister (Andrew Weatherall mix)
21.Wooden Shjips - Staring At The Sun
22.The Shacks - Follow Me
23.Karen O feat Michael Kiwanuka - Yo! Ma Saint
24.Goat - Let It Burn
25.Beak - Alle Sauvage
26.The Lucid Dream - Alone In Fear
27.Confidence Man - Out The Window (Greg Wilson and Che Wilson mix)
28.Asteroid #4 - Ghost Garden
29.Black Delta Movement - Butterfly
30.Black Doldrums - It's A Dandy Massacre
31.Carla J Easton - Vagabond
32.Marius Circus - I Feel Space (original mix)
33.Field of Dreams - Nothing Is Perfect (Weatherall mix)
34.HiFi Sean - Transparent
35.Our Girl - Our Girl
36.Comet Gain - If Not Tomorrow
37.Spiritualized - Sail On Through
38.Tracyanne & Danny - Alabama
39,Liminanas - The Gift
40.Riton and Kah Lo- Fake ID


Swiss Adam said...

Good stuff CDrew, SX1000 is a worthy track of the year. My arse will be in gear at some point soon- had a very busy week at work and my list making isn't finished.

Swiss Adam said...

I'm surprised the Four Tet remix of Daniel Avery didn't make your list

drew said...

It's good but not one of Four Tet's best.

Echorich said...

Some really excellent choices here Drew !!

Brian said...

A few here that should have been considered on my list. Grr. You never remember when it matters. Well done, Drew.

DJ Zen said...

Some fantastic choices there. A very strong year for alternative music