Tuesday 17 April 2018

John Coltrane Stereo Blues

At the tail end of last week over at The Bagging Area, SA featured a rather splendid mix from a festival in Italy by a dj that some of you might be familiar with, a certain Mr Weatherall. Well known for his eclectic mixes  on this mix he had the young Italians jigging along to the some top tunes including a track that I have not played, I'm ashamed to say,  in what must be a decade but which I used to love, John Coltrane Stereo Blues by The Drean Syndicate. So I thought that I would post it unmixed here but I didn't get round to ripping it from the 1984 album Medicine Show but I did remember seeing a KEXP clip on Youtube a couple of years back where the reformed band did an absolutely belting epic version of the song which just so happens to break into a verse or two of a Doors song just over half way through which is quite funny as I found myself reapraising the Doors a few weeks ago and to my surprise actually quite enjoying the experience, they weren't as wanky as I remember them being. This version of John Coltrance Stereo Blues is the business but the band sadly these days look like a bunch of Maths and Physics teachers trying their hardest to be cool but boy can they play!

I'm In Luton for the next couple of days, which is nice!


Swiss Adam said...

Its a fucking great song. That live version is good. The band could look worse- they could look like history teachers.

Swiss Adam said...

BTW- if you can find the time to rip the song I'd be grateful.

George said...

That is a great song. I need to add that maths teachers were always a pretty damned cool bunch, unlike those geeky physics lot.