Thursday 1 June 2017

Future Starts Slow

I have had this song from the Kills fourth album on repeat for the last week or so. There is right malevolent, foreboding vibe about the track, not the usual sexual tension present in a lot of the duo's output. Like my other favourite from this album , Baby Says,  there is a distorted sound to the track which sometimes irritates me and at others feels just right and at present it sounds great. Also it may be my ears but the drumming sounds "real" not like a drum machine to me although nobody is credited on the sleeve notes. At the moment Blood Pressures is vying for my favourite Kills album with their debut Keep On Your Mean Side.

The Kills - Future Starts Slow


Swiss Adam said...

Baby Says is my favourite of theirs by a country mile.

JC said...

Not a band I'm overly familiar with beyond the singles. I do like this on first exposure to it.

ICA from either of you? (or how about a Bagging Area/Kitchen Table collaboration?)