Friday 4 March 2016

It''s Friday . . . Let's Dance

On Sunday's post I mentioned Jack Kerouac and my preference from his writings. A few years ago I was discussing books with a friend's son who was then studying English and Classics at Uni and asked him if he had read any Kerouac or any of the other beats. He hadn't and so as an introduction I gave him On The Road. A few months later he returned the book and when I asked if he had enjoyed it, he said no, that he had found it pretty boring, couldn't relate to any of the characters and the writing style he found infuriating amongst other criticism that I can't quite remember now. I was surprised as I had loved this book, granted I would have been four or five years younger than him when I read it at the impressionable age of fifteen or sixteen, and thought that he would have too. I thought about re-reading it but decided against it in case as a cynical, jaded forty something I agreed with him. Thinking about it, it probably has dated rather badly and isn't that relevant to teenagers in the twenty first century.

"What the fuck has this got to do with dance music?" I hear you ask. Well not much really but on Sunday evening I did dig out my copy of Beatniks by The Delorme, a progressive house/trance chugger from 1993 which after buying would have prompted me to pull some Kerouac from the bookshelves. After playing this track in it's various forms I usually follow it with Hardcore Uproar for some reason.

Airdrie are away to Cowdenbeath tomorrow,  a game we really must win to stop our slide down the table and keep us in contention for that play-off place.

Have a good weekend people.

The Delorme - Beatniks (Dharma Bums mix)

The Delorme - Beatniks (On The Road mix)

The Delorme - Beatniks (Original mix)