Wednesday 30 March 2016

I'm Still Loving You

Here is a belter of a mid 60's Motown dancer, bombastic is the word to describe the intro and the song just gets better and better. Kim Weston has such a distinctive voice, it's a real shame that Berry Gordy just didn't know what to do with Such a talent.  She was promised an album by the label which never  did materialise.  Between 1963 and '66 she released 9 singles of her own, including the track posted in 1965 and an album of duets with Marvin Gaye before moving on to MGM.

I was supposed to be posting You Can Do It today a brilliant tune that lay gathering dust in the Gordy vaults until 2005 but I realised about 20 minutes ago that I haven't ripped it yet.

Kim Weston - I'm Still Loving You 


Charity Chic said...

Quality - keep 'em coming Drew

Anonymous said...

Truly a belter, Drew! I'm glad you were briefly delayed in posting the other song and came up with this one.