Wednesday 9 March 2016

I'd Rather Jack Than Fleetwood Mac

Wait! Come back! I can assure you this isn't a post about pish Stock, Aitken and Waterman produced pop dance. However there are an awful lot of things I would rather do than Fleetwood Mac

It's true to say I was never a fan , it may have something to do with all that hair, flowing dresses or the right stench of pomposity that surrounded them, I should qualify by stating that this is FM from the mid 70s to early 80s,  other incarnations of the band I have no knowledge of but I have of course heard Albatross. Or it could have been that for a couple of years growing up my mother played Rumours incessantly, or so it seemed and the follow up Tusk to a lesser extent but still a hell of a lot. Greg Dulli on the other hand I suspect rather likes them as when I caught the Afghan Whigs last year he incorporated some of the lyrics to Tusk in I Am Fire. I think that when I saw him previously in one of his incarnations he also dropped a bit of Fleetwood Mac in but don't quote me on that. What I am sure of is on the Twilight Singers covers album, She Loves You he included a version of another track from Tusk which very nearly made me revisit the original double album to see if my prejudices just might be wrong. I gave myself a shake and reasoned that there was no need my original belief would have been correct and besides did I really want to go down the road, where I might get hooked on late 70s cocaine fuelled middle of the road pap?

The Twilight Singers - What Makes You Think You're The One


Swiss Adam said...

My feelings exactly.

Echorich said...

Ugh. Fleetwood Mac. The best example of how bloated rock and roll had gotten by the middle 70s. And the nerve of them to even attempt to be "with it" with the title track to Tusk in 1979. Someone must have been listening to Talking Heads and told Mick Fleetwood about them. I will give artist of the 90s some room to breathe though, as they likely grew up as really young Top 40 radio listening kids where Fleetwood Mac was pervasive. Some influence was sure to filter through.