Wednesday 20 January 2016


I hated the term Shoegaze but it stuck, well until "grunge" swept away all in it's wake only for that to be killed off by britpap. Well apparently it has returned but the new term for it is "nu gaze". For fuck sake I ask you. ClubAC30 has been championing this kind of music since the mid noughties. So if you were a dreampop band from St Petersburg, you couldn't find a better label to release your music and with a name like Pinkshinyultrablast you can kind of guess what the music is going to sound like. They released their first album, Everything Else Matters at the tail end of last year and early next month the next single,  posted below, will be released and can be ordered here or could have been except all copies have been sold on pre-order, that's how good it is. You can still order the album, well the cd anyway! I could tell you that they have been compared to Lush or that Drowned In Sound have described them as "excessively impressive" but just give them a listen, it will be worth your while I promise you.


Swiss Adam said...

Yep, that his the spot.

Brian said...

Great minds think alike. NPR has this one as their song of the day. Really like this one.