Friday 29 January 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I spent a large part of last weekend playing Weatherall related stuff. As well as the stuff he had recorded under his varied guises, were releases by other artists and probably the output that gives me most pleasure,  his remixes of other artists where he bends and mutilates the originals so much that many have little resemblance to the original tune. I decided to dig out some of the ones that I play the least, not because they are of a lesser quality than say the Primal Scream or Stereo Mc remixes but because of the sheer volume of them it is quite easy to forget some especially those from the early 90s.  Remixes of songs by the likes of Big Hair and Earl Gateshead, Airstream and today's choice. The thing I love about Weatherall's reinterpretations is that they take you on a journey and can hold your attention even although they tend to be lengthy affairs, you didn't get too many of them on a c90. Yab Yum by Uzma I think illustrates my point very well, it is deep, dubby and very very long. Magic!

I think that I will spend much of my weekend depressed as I think that I will witness a mauling of my team live on telly on BBC Alba this evening as Airdrie take on Dunfermline. Why, you may ask am I not going? Well,  Dunfermline who just over two years ago went into administration are the only full time club in our league with three times the budget of any of the others and can therefore live without me making a contribution.

Have a good weekend people.

Uzma - Yab Yum (Weatherall mix)


Swiss Adam said...

There's so much in his back pages to enjoy. This is a good 'un

sco1 said...

Decent result Friday night!

sco1 said...

...& ace tune, nice selection!

drew said...

Excellent result sco1, still can't quite believe it!