Monday 4 January 2016

I'm Losing Again

Can't think of a better way to ease the pain of the first day back at work after all the festivities than for it to be accompanied by an upbeat piece of ridiculously rare soul, Well I can, you could of course postpone the inevitable by a day as most of us Scots have done.

I'm Losing Again was a Top Of The World favourite in the early eighties and was so obscure that the artist who recorded it when asked about the song years later couldn't even remember recording it! The track was tucked away on the flip side of the 1967 Soultown records release, Hard Lovin Woman.


Ray Agee - I'm Losing Again


Charity Chic said...

I'm Lowing Again - an apt title for a United fan.Somewhat anxious about next week's cup tie!

drew said...

I wouldn't be too concerned CC, we're shite at the moment.

JC said...

Aye...but you picked up three good points in the El Buckfastico at the weekend which you must have enjoyed.

I'm 'lucky' in that i'm not due back till tomorrow but i can see it far enough.