Wednesday 6 January 2016

Landfill Indie

The noughties was the decade of landfill indie, there was a lot of pish out there masquerading as music, all formulaic, lightweight,  totally forgettable and on the whole as indie as Fopp is these days. I bought into a few of these bands, the first Starsailor album, Pigeon Detectives, who were quite entertaining live and also today's single from  Morning Runner. This is one of the ones that I had forgotten all about until the middle of last week while trying to sort out some vinyl and digging out all my Motorhead singles to play very loud in memory of Lemmy. The tune starts off all Coldplay, Burning Bridges not any of the Motorhead singles obviously,  and then turns into the afore mentioned Starsailor, Not bad now and again but not something you would play every day.

The noughties were full of this kind of stuff, personally I blame XFM and early 6 Music before they got their shit together but I also thank them for making me get off my arse and start looking for new more interesting sounds which lead me to dubstep, Burial and a rekindling of my love for electronic music and convincing me that I wasn't too old for it.

Morning Runner - Burning Benches


JC said...

I know feck all about this band and will give the tune a listen when I get home from work.

But I do have to say that your opening sentence is an early contender for line of the year. Eloquent, observant and very funny in sitting.

JC said...

the word 'one' should be inserted before 'sitting' for the above to make any sort of sense.

Brian said...

I'm still exhausted from blogging about the '90s for most of 2015. A dreadful decade I'm in no hurry to visit again.

JC said...

Played it. Didn't offend me. But didn't move me either. It's scary that a generation of folk grew up genuinely believing this sort of thing was different and edgy.

Having said that, there's just as many things as routine sounding from the 80s. (Hothouse Flowers spring to mind).

Swiss Adam said...

Landfill indie is such a good phrase- ITV indie was used around the same time.