Friday 19 September 2014

Well That's That Then.

Don't feel too much like dancing today bit gutted if you want to know the truth but I will get over it. As others have said  there should be no bitterness and no recrimination, well apart from at the ballot box next year, possibly.

Good turnout tho', let's hope we keep up the engagement.

Beth Orton - I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine


JC said...

Hi Drew

Excuse the length of the comment...but it's what I'd say if I was giving you a call or chatting over a pint.

It's a different set of circumstances next should go into that event with the idea of casting a vote that stands the best possible chance of delivering the outcome you want....even if it involves tactical voting.

This morning, I have been hugely impressed with the high-profile political leaders of the YES for the very mature acceptance of the result. There's regret and sadness but I don't detect to much bitterness. I hope that the other side can be humble about the outcome.

But I am appalled with the responses of a number of YES supporters who are looking for all sorts of spurious reasons why it turned out this way. It is so tempting to give a big GIRFUY to such folk even though I said I would keep quiet.

There's loads of work to be done to address a whole range of social and economic inequalities right across the country...let's all get on with it.

Simon said...

I think you can take a lot of positives, this was really close, which means a lot of people are not happy with the status quo and engaged. Look at your turn out, absolutely incredible. And as for the youth - over 70% of the 16/17 yr olds voted yes.

Although apparently the same percentages of over 65s voted no.

I think its incredible. No, you didn't get the result you wanted, but it's not like when we did our first vote back in 87. I think this is going to have some ongoing affect for a long long time to come. Genies out of the bottle...

drew said...

Sorry JC but my days of voting for any numpty in a red rosette are over.

drew said...

I agree Simon. The 16-18 yr olds have really impressed me most of the ones I have spoken to have taken it very seriously and gotten invloved.

Swiss Adam said...

Disappointed for you and all the Yessers. But lots to take on board and take forward.

Charity Chic said...

Here's hoping Adam

Scott said...

I am trying to accentuate the positives of what was a hugely disappointing night. The high level of engagement and turnout are both a huge credit to the people of Scotland.
I am totally with you on the "my days of voting for any numpty in a red rosette are over" comment Drew. You expect to be shat on by the Tories but the Labour Party are in many ways worse these days, as they have lost touch with, and betrayed, the very people they were formed to defend.