Friday 12 September 2014

It's Friday . .. Let's Pay Our Respects

A few of the blogs that I follow have carried the sad news of the death of Robert Young aka Throb, formerly one of the guitarists of Primal Scream. I didn't know that much about Young but as an integral part of the band from the early days he was responsible for shaping the Scream's sound  from Imperial through to Country Girl and for that reason alone his passing should be acknowledged. I will leave it to those that knew him to comment on his personal life.

It is always sad when people die young and it is particularly affecting when that person was responsible for one of your favourite pieces of music ever, full stop. When I think of Robert Young I immediately think of the cover of  Loaded and that tune! Below is a recording of Loaded from back in 1994 at the Barrowlands, what a night that was!

It was going to be that track,  unfortunately iTunes does not want to import the bootleg for some reason, so instead posted is a version from LA recorded two years before the Glasgow gig  that came in the 20th Anniversary box set of Screamadelica.

Have a good weekend people.

Rest easy Robert.

Primal Scream - Loaded (Hollywood Palladium)


Erik Bartlam said...

I read that on one of the blogs last night. I ended up listening to Loaded about five times while I was sitting at the computer.

It is now available on my phone (while we're on iTunes...I can't get the stupid laptop to talk to the I'm finding myself buying songs I already own...arrggghhhh. Happy to make an exception for this one.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Drew

drew said...

EF - have had to buy a new iPod Touch, sadly the 3g one that had served me well could no longer be repaired!. At present the new one has spent 8 hrs uploading the music and still has a way to go. I feckin' hate IOS 7.1.2.

Thanks JC