Tuesday 19 November 2013

Walk On In

I realise that the majority of folk who visit here don't come for the dance music, the download counts testify to this but please take 7 minutes out of your life and click on the soundcloud below.

Walk On In released on the Numbers label by the Welshman now residing in Berlin is most definitely going to be in my top five tracks of the year it is the best slab of dance music I have heard for a while and that is saying something as there have been quite a few things this year that I have loved.

Go on give it a go.


Luca said...

Great indeed. Love its vintage feel. Sounds like it could've come out at the start of the nineties. That's tonight kitchen dancing sorted!

Echorich said...

Yes that is pretty wonderful!! Purchased!

drew said...

Glad you liked it Luca. I kinda thought that it would be up your alley Echorich