Saturday 16 November 2013

Suspense Kiss

Chicago outfit Panda Riot are one of those bands that I found via the Jon In The Morning show on KEXP when I was still office based in Edinburgh. Nothing new or groundbreaking about their sound.  Like quite a few bands at the time they must have been listening to a lot of My Bloody Valentine and fucking about with effects pedals and drum machines. I  liked what I heard enough to delve a bit deeper and sought out the debut cd,  She Dares All Things a collection of tracks recorded in their bedrooms which is actually pretty good.

I sort of left it at that as it appeared that they had disbanded as nothing new appeared from them until a single last year which was too costly due to the shipping from the States and earlier this year they released a second album which sounds quite good from the samples on Amazon, good enough for me to order the album.

Here is a track from that 2007 album.

Panda Riot - Suspense Kiss 

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