Tuesday 5 November 2013

Mary Microgram

How about a bit of classic and much sought after on 7" girl group garage rock.

Denise Kaufman, is the Denise in the group name. She recorded this brilliant track in 1965 about  her ex-boyfriend Jann Wenner who would go on to be the co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine.

Kaufman had quite a bit of a time of it in the 60s, after recording this single she went on to join the Frantics who would evolve into Moby Grape. She then went on to form Ace of Cups with four other females with the same outlook as herself. At this time she also had an alternative exisitence as Mary Microgram, one of Ken Kasey's  Merry Pranksters  with whom she would tour the US staging Acid Tests.

Denise and Company - Boy What'll You Do Then.


clawthing said...

That's the business and then some :)

Swiss Adam said...

Wow- top stuff, New to me.

drew said...

Glad you liked it guys