Sunday 20 May 2012

Diamonds ARE Forever

In just under 4 hours the most important football match of the weekend will take place, forget about your Champions League Final or your Scottish Cup, the real drama of the weekend will take place at New Broomfield in Airdrie, where Airdrie United take on Dumbarton in the second leg of the Division Two play-offs. At stake,  a place in the Scottish First Division where the Diamonds rightly deserve to be.

Airdrie go into this match with a slight disadvantage; we are two one down from the first leg but both Stiff and myself are confident that we can overcome this position and win the match (that's just put the death knell on any chance the team had!).

I sort of fell out of love with football in 2002, when David Murray called in a debt which put Airdrieonians out of business at the time Murray said :

“I apologise to Airdrie’s supporters but something had to be done about this debt. Business is business and Carnegie Sports also have wages to pay,”

I hope the irony of that statement isn't lost on the true blue loyal who have found themselves in a similar situation recently.

Airdrie rose again in the form of Airdrie Utd after the Chairman bought over another club in financial trouble,  Clydebank and relocated them to Airdrie and changed the name. But I just couldn't get that enthusiastic about the team and only ever went to the ocassional match but still checked the results every Saturday night.

But that is all history now, as over the last six months of taking Max to the home matches my passion for the team and football in general has been re-ignited and as I type this I find myself as nervous and excited by the prospect of today's game as I was when my team played Rangers and Celtic in two Scottish Cup finals in the nineties or when subsequent to the Rangers final my dad and I found ourselves walking down Gartlea Hill to the sight of the UEFA flag flying above Broomfield when we took on Sparta Prague in the Cup Winners Cup.

So if you are at a loss for something to do today and fancy some drama and 'real' football tune in to BBC Alba at 4pm and cheer on the Diamonds.

Arctic Monkeys - Diamonds Are Forever (Live At Glastonbury)

We got royally humped. Second Division football again next season.


Swiss Adam said...

I'm convinced- come on diamonds!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Here comes the "SONS" would have been a better choice of music!

Fine story though I can totally relate to it as I now have an eight year old who always wants to go to watch the SONS but I know he is only in it for the hot dogs & being allowed to swear.

Probably pass you on the way back down next year.

Son of the rock

howdoesthatonegoagain said...

Ah, the pain of the play-offs. QP couldn't even get past the semis of the Div 2/3 play-offs. Tonked - again! - by Stranraer! Well, it does mean we'll be playing Rangers in the league next season...