Friday 18 May 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Twenty years ago if I was out clubbing I would be found at The Arches or occasionally the Sub Club. There was as much chance of me going to the likes of Resurrection or Fantasia as there was me going to see Take That. All that turbo nutter stuff was not for me. Did fancy going to one Street Rave Do at Prestwick Airport for the sheer novelty value.

So,  I haven't a clue where I first heard Let Me Be Your Fantasy. Probably from one of my cheesy quaver friends who did frequent clubs specialising in the madder end of dance culture. It was one of the few hardcore tracks that I heard and did not dismiss instantly as rubbish. Don't know what it is about the track but like Sweet Harmony it has the piano sample and the breakbeats, so maybe I was a closet breakbeat fan and didn't realise it.

The track was released on the  Production House label and was remixed by Acen, a mix I'm not aware of ever hearing but imagine will be even more hardcore than the original. It was bastardised and re-released in 2000 in a Garage stylee which is absolutely pish and should be avoided at all costs.

Have a good weekend people

Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy


Swiss Adam said...

Great pic.
I wasn't so sure at the time but I can listen to this song now.

dickvandyke said...

Erm. Do you have any more pics of sturdy girl at all?

ally. said...

hey hey a one of yoour dancers i've ever heard of ever before. it's the breakbeats you're absolutely right. they're what draw all us lot in all us that got drum and bass as jazz's new voice and oh heaven knows. ta for the reminder it's a cracker