Friday 4 May 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Let us return to the days of boilersuits, glow sticks, Vicks and all things mental.

N-Joi had been making and performing music at underground Raves for a couple of years before they decided that what they needed was a front women to basically mime all of the diverse vocal samples for their next single and so they were joined by Saffron or Samantha Sprackling to the folk she went to school with, either that or she sounded just like Gwen Guthrie on some of the vocals and a couple of completely different singers at other points on the track. Anyway sod all like she did in Republica.

I still love this track although it does sound a bit tame now.

Have a good weekend, people.

N-Joi - Anthem


anto said...

i remember they also had a dancer dude in a bodysuit with what can only be described as a prodigious schlong on show, in a spinal tap stylee.

drew said...

Thanks for that Anto, I had blocked out that vision for twenty years.

davyh said...

Bet you want a drink now

drew said...

I am kind of tempted.

davyh said...

Had a G&T, then Pinot - with langtime-no-have mussels & chips. Then, a nice strong coffee. Quite fancy one of your posh rums, now.

drew said...

Well I have had, a mug of English Breakfast, followed by a Fanta Zero and a further three mugs of rosey lee. Quite fancy one of my fancy rums myself, I have a bottle of Woods 100 and a Havana 3 yr old in the cupboard but will resist the temptation and head for an early night instead.

I really don't know how I am going to keep up this abstinence!