Thursday 24 May 2012

Nick Waterhouse

A while ago I featured the b-side of the Nick Waterhouse second single, Is That Clear.

Last month the twenty five year old's debut album, Time's All Gone was released on the Innovate Leisure label out of San Fransisco. The music definitely harks back to the British RnB sounds of the 60's, the sort of sounds thatr Them, The Yardbirds, The Animals etc were producing then. Even although the sounds hark back to that era it also sounds like the recent Alabama Shakes album pretty fresh and has that sort of 'live' feel to it. With only 10  tracks and a running time of 32 minutes, it is rather short.

There is a problem with the availibility of the album, as so far it has only been released on vinyl and in the US and I'm not sure if there are any planss to release it over here. Although I suppose you could aalways buy it on iTunes.

The packaging for the LP is great aswell, the vinyl is housed in the kind if really stiff  glossy card that I've only ever come across housing my mother's old Ella Fitzgerald and Sinatra albums.

Nick Waterhouse - Raina

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