Wednesday 15 February 2012

She Wants To Play Hearts

This came on the mp3 player the other day and as usual when Ryan Adams comes on I asked myself why don't I listen to this man more often?

I have come to the conclusion that I have to be in a very specific kind of mood or be taken by surprise, as when he pops up on shuffle. It's not the kind of music, for me anyway, that I could just stick on and listen to off the cuff. But when I do listen it is always a pleasure.

Ryan Adams  - She Want's To Play Hearts


Colin said...

I know what you mean, Drew - I have the same reaction to Calexico. Always glad when they creep around the shuffle corner.

Hissyfit said...

Can I add Lambchop to that list; never knowingly reached for, always surprisingly good (especially 'Is a Woman').
I think the problem with Adams is that he's so prolific; and though it's mostly all good, it can be difficult seeing the wood (Heartbreaker/Love is Hell) from the trees (Easy Tiger/Demolition). He's great live; cocky little f*cker...

drew said...

Colin, I don't think that I've knowingly listened to Calexico, need to give them ago.

Trevor, you're right about Adams output. I have edited considerably what I have put of his on the mp3 so I don't get any of the stuff where the quality control had slipped.