Wednesday 29 February 2012

Mobile Phones

What is it about some people that they cannot seem to function unless they've got their mobile phone switched on. I'm so sick of being on planes watching people who think that the instructions regarding when to switch on or off your phones does not apply to them. Who the fuck do they think they are? They can't be that important or they wouldn't be flying sleazyjet with the likes of me. Their phones have been switched off for an hour what the fuck is another two to three minutes going to fucking matter? But no.  No sooner has the fifteen year old pilot to be successfully knackered another undercarriage and before the stewardess has even uttered those depression inducing words " Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Luton", half the passengers have their phones out and are frantically pressing the on button. I believe that these people are the very same gits who have the fucking shiny new cars and park in parent and child designated parking areas without having any offspring on board or deliberately across two parking spaces so that there precious fucking vehicles don't get scratched! None of us want our cars scratched with trolleys or battered by other car doors but when we see an instruction we adhere to it because we don't believe that we are fucking special and above such inconveniences as waiting another couple of minutes before telling our partners that we have landed and are on our way home or taking the risk along with everybody else whose car might not be as nice but means no less to them, of coming back to find a dent or scratch in the door or along the side of their vehicle.

And don't get me started on the clowns trying to get suitcases bigger than your average wardrobe into the overhead lockers and then blaming the cabin crew when they are not successful!

Nothing to do with the nonsense above just a single that I'm rather fond of.

Sara Lowes and the Earlies - I'm Still Waiting


George said...

terrific rant, well done

dickvandyke said...

Atta boy.
My hero!
I suspect you could have gone on.

Dirk said...

Yeah, tell 'em how it is, Lucille!!!