Friday 17 February 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Way back in the day before dance music fractured into a thousand genres and sub genres when you used to go clubbing you didn't go to a specific Drum & Bass, Techno, Progressive House etc, etc night. You just went clubbing and hoped that you had a decent DJ who knew his tunes. I tended to avoid anything that was described as "Balearic"as for me that description meant that the DJ didn't have enough good tunes and you were likely to hear any old pish justified by "it gets played in ebeefa, alright". No amount of considered argument will ever convince me that I Can't Wait by Mandy Smith is anything else than pish, no matter the context it was played in or how many doves you had necked.

But I digress. The track posted today has been described as proto drum and bass, contender for the first breakbeat/techno record. To me it is just a brilliant, ahead of it's time dance tune. From the immense bass sound to the breakbeat lifted from Bobby Bird's Hot Pants it is just about perfect, okay the Woo Alright sample started to get on my nerves but that was because it was dropped into everything after this. But twenty two years on this record still sounds the business.

Have a good weekend people.

Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon


Swiss Adam said...

I had a pint at lunch time (it's half term, why not?), came home and listened to this and it's made my head hurt. I must be getting old.


drew said...

Lunch time pints, I'm envious SA, but I think you have a problem, getting a hangover after just a pint!

As for second from the right, how do you know?

davyh said...

This is that famous pic of the ladyboys, right Drew? ; ) Cheers SA!

Swiss Adam said...

It was MBM made my head hurt, not the pint. I think.

Swiss Adam said...

As for the pic, you make a throw away remark and then can't think of anything funny to say to the responses.

drew said...

That's what happens when you drink at lunchtime at our age!