Sunday 19 February 2012

I Think I May Be Losing It

I don't know where I heard this first but I am slightly disturbed that I love it. It also has Max's seal of approval. I fear I may be regressing to an eight year old.

Hopefully po-faced music snobbery will resume shortly!

Nicki Minaj- Super Bass


Anonymous said...


L /-------------------
O==== [] \
L \ \
\ ]

You'll be posting locats next!


Anonymous said...

ROFLcopter fail!

Swiss Adam said...

Ha. To the post and the comments.

Simon said...

Nowt wrong with it, I think it's a great track...

dickvandyke said...

Bit like the bird's wig; it's alright once in a while, but I wouldn't have it on all the time.

drew said...

Had to look up ROFL. have no idea ROFLcopter or locats are

dickvandyke said...

Fear not drew - Much like me, LOCATS is a cheap, reliable and robust drone.

It's quite simply a systems solution for the supply of unmanned aerial targets to the South African National Defence Force. The basic airframe, which is used throughout the range, has a modular construction to keep costs low.

The aircraft is pneumatically launched and can be recovered by an internal parachute or nifty skid landing. The airframe is proven to be capable of flying more than 30 missions with minimum repair. Phew. The product range extends from the simple target, flown within visual range only, to the fully instrumented target capable of flying beyond visual range on pre-programmed trajectories to simulate the behaviour of modern attack aircraft.

It's brilliant.

Oh, and I do like a lot of this type of song. They have such catchy melodic choruses, usually sung by a striking black woman with a powerful voice.

Unfortunately, I then invariably find the tune ruined by some shouty fellow rattling off rhyming couplets at the speed of Concorde, often using inane profanities which leads to any radio play being peppered with beeps and odd silences. At which point, I turn the volume down until the girly bit comes back on.

drew said...

Thanks for the clarification DVD.

Simon - it is good isn't it?

flycasual said...

Hey, we all have to make sacrifices for the kids right?? My 3 year old wants Jessie J's Price Tag each time I turn on the stereo. I blame the wife..