Tuesday 10 January 2012

So Long

Davy the Ghost has an interesting wee series on the go over at his,  where he is finding reasons to be cheerful during this quite glum month. Me being the miserable bastard that I am, am not really that enthused by London buses or random strangers smiling at me. I have to have something a bit more tangible to cheer me up or something to really look forward to. Failings on my part, I know.

One thing that I have been looking forward to ever since October is the prospect of the new Spiritualized album. Jason Pierce being, well Jason Piece decided that the whole set would consist of the new unheard album and very good it was too.

On the 4th December Spiritualized played a set consisting of much of the new album at the other voices festival in Dingle, County Kerry which the Guardian streamed live on their website. The tracks sounded as good on this occasion as they had two months previous in the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh. Here is what was one of my highlights from both performances and something I am looking forward to hearing on vinyl and live again in March at the ABC in Glasgow.

Spiritualized - So Long (Live at The Other Voices Festival 04-12-11)


AndyW said...

do you have the rest if this gig
so long is amazing

AndyW said...

its ok I have a copy but thanks for posting the original track
Loving your work

drew said...

Cheers Andy, I think that the new album will be a belter.