Monday 16 January 2012

Gloomy Monday?

I think that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year not for me, that accolade is always the day when the anti-christ gets another one of his manufactured non entities to number one on the Sunday before Christmas.

Anyway,  last week to start the week we had a jazz tinged housey bit of soul, this week I feel that I am straying into The Ghost of Electricity's territory with a tune that would not be out of place at his on a Friday night, which I have always thought of as Jazz but after consulting the internet a moment ago I was informed that it is actually gospel, whatever it is I have loved it since the late 80s when I found it on a cheap compilation cd called 'round midnight.

Billy Taylor Trio - I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)


davyh said...

And which no Brit of a certain age can hear without thinking of Barry Norman. And why not?

Lila said...
Jools Holland Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

drew said...

Cheers for that Lila