Monday 2 January 2012

Only The Lonely

It's Max's first football match today,  local derby between Airdrie and Albion Rovers, the two best teams in Lanarkshire, if you don't count either Motherwell or Hamilton, when I come to think of it they probably aren't the best two teamss in Airdrie and Coatbridge.. The last time we played the mighty Rovers we were thrashed seven (7) two. I'm quite confident we will do much better today.

Still, learning how to cope with disappointment early will be a lesson well learned if Max decides to follow the Diamonds.

Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely


Swiss Adam said...

1-0. Good to start with a win, eh?

Anonymous said...

You know he'll end up a Man U fan!!
Happy New Year to you and family and we should try and catch up this year?

Swiss Adam said...

It's all Man Citeh now

Unknown said...

Poor Max.

Diamonds really are forever.

drew said...

It was good start and he ate two pies! I fear that he may be crestfallen on Saturday as we are playing Dundee Utd in the cup.

Alas, Jimmy his grandpa already bought him a Man U top. We will need to meet up.