Tuesday 30 August 2011

Head Over Heels

For about a year from when I received the first 3" cd single from Cloudberry I was slightly obsessed by The Manhattan Love Suicides. They weren't doing anything particularly new but at that time not many bands other than The Raveonettes were making these kinds of sounds and I just lapped it up. Most of it sounded like The Jesus and Mary Chain with female vocals, no bad thing in my mind and in the realm of indie rock what is totally unique and new these days and is also listenable anyway?

The band hailed from Leeds and lasted all of 3 years. During that time they released the afore mentioned ep on Cloudberry, five 7" eps, an excellent album and a compilation cd which comprised of all the tracks from the album and the eps, Burnt Out Landscapes which is worth tracking down if you wish to investigate further.

The track posted is from is from the Keep It Coming single released on Lost Music Records and has that famous Hal Blaine drum beat at the beginning and with lyrics that would have fitted in with the subject matter of many of the hits of various 60s girl groups.

The Manhattan Love Suicides - Head Over Heels

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Swiss Adam said...

Yeah I got into these as well.