Wednesday 17 August 2011

Comin' Home Baby

When you think of girl groups, the eighties isn't the decade that would spring up in most people's minds but one of my favourites were active during the second half of that decade.

The Delmonas started off as the Milkboilers backing singers for Billy Childish's band the Milkshakes. The girls released a couple of ep's of mainly cover versions at the tail end of 1984 and their debut lp,  Dangerous Charms in 1985 which is well worth getting your hands on if possible, it also contains all of the tracks on the eps. A further 3 albums followed but nothing since 1989.

The track posted is the lead track from the first ep, a cracking cover version of a track which was first a hit for Mel Torme way back in 1962.

Apparently a Delmona is a decorative handbag favoured by the women of the Klaipeda region of Lithuania.

The Delmonas - I'm Comin' Home Baby


darkdance said...

Yeah baby, Psyche revival is what we need now. Dangerous Charms was on yellow vinyl originally.
The DMs were there before Lady Ga Ga and that's a ref. to a song by 'da DMs in case you don't get it. Let's start a riot.

Simon said...

One of my favourite gigs in the 80s was the Delmonas alongside The Milkshakes and my favourite band from that scene The Prisoners. Was a storming gig, and a sea of paisley shirts!