Monday 2 December 2019

Monday's Long Song

Today's track is a bit different from those that have graced this slot over the past few months. Will I Ever Be Inside You is the title track of the second album by Paul Quinn and The Independent Group and something of a lost classic. The band consisted of some of the great and the good of Scottish music, with members of Aztec Camera, The Commotions, The Bluebells, Del Amitri,  Postcard label boss Alan Horne and of course in Quinn himself the voice of Bourgie Bourgie. And what a voice it is, lush deep and hugely melancholic. Although Will I Ever does not quite reach the heights of Stupid Thing it is a song that should be known and recognised a lot more widely than it is. The whole album is ripe for re-release, in my opinion anyway.

Paul Quinn and The Independent Group - Will I Ever Be Inside You


Walter said...

Thanks for featuring PQ in this series. I agree that this is not the music for every day but I also come back to this record often. Great songs and arrangements. One that should be in every household.

The Swede said...

My knowledge of PQ's work is considerably less than adequate, but I enjoyed this epic tune a great deal.

Brian said...

Best Monday's Long Song ever!

Anonymous said...

I've loved Paul Quinn's voice since the heady days of Bourgie Bourgie and his dalliances with OJ and Edwyn. And that well-boppy version of "Under the Boardwalk"... whereabouts unknown. The two PQ&tIG albums on the resurgent 90s Postcard are must have(s). Despite the incredibly high bar these two albums set, they never get a play on BBC Radio Scotland. Petition them folks!

As for Paul... could some guid folks get a fundraiser together to celebrate his wondrous contributions?