Monday 18 November 2019

Monday's Long Song.

I'm not sure what it is about Austin, Texas, it could be something in the water or the proximity to Mexico but more than a few bands that are "out-there" or  experimental bands seem to hail from there, going back to the 13th Floor Elevators through to The Black Angels and Thousand Foot Whale Claw. Recently I have found a new one to add to the list, Dallas Acid, a trio who have just released there latest album, The Spiral Arm. The album started off as a live performance at the Planetarium in San Antonio as the soundtrack to a visual journey to the Cosmos, you don't get much more outthere than that.
Unfortunately the version of the title track is somewhat edited in the YouTube clip below as the album version is nine and a half minutes low and can be listened to in it's entirety and purchased here.