Saturday 7 June 2014

New Music Saturday

Not sure if I have created a rod for my own back with this series but I have had loads of things in my inbox over the last few weeks, I think that it is just coincidence that instead of the usual spam for penis enhancement pills and free porn mines all seem to be from new bands or artists who the PR tell me are the next big thing, I think I would be happier with the normal spam as I would just delete it and not feel the need to listen. Let's face it I am no taste maker and this blog isn't here to break new bands, the prime reason for it's existence is to play some tunes I like, spout pish and have the occasional cathartic rant, it's a lot cheaper than "going to see someone" which me being a man from west central Scotland wouldn't be happening anyway.

This came into my inbox during the week and I have no idea if  this duo are well known or not, I suspect that they have had some hype as it looks as though this release has been sponsored by a well known gantin energy drink, anyway I liked the track and thought it worthy of posting.


There may be more next week, you never know.


Anonymous said...

Like your approach. Not posting a track or even the name of the artist. Deffo the way to keep an air of mystery.

drew said...


To be fair, it's been a fucker of a week and it was late, Ctel!