Wednesday 11 June 2014

Give It Time

I have said it before and will probably say it again but I think that The Woodentops are a seriously underrated band. You don't see them being heralded as pioneers of the indie dance scene but long before Bobby G realised his love of the dancefloor Rolo McGinty and the rest of the band were recording tunes that were firmly focused at the feet and like New Order before them they enlisted the production skills of top dance music producer and remixer Arthur Baker. Give It Up was given the Baker treatment in the mid eighties and is available on the brilliant 3 cd retrospective set "Before, During and After" which if you don't own anything by the band is a bargain at £10.60 asking price from one retailer on Amazon Market Place and if you like what you hear you could buy the latest album Granular Tales which some of us have been on the look out for the last twenty five years.

The Woodentops - Give It Time (Arthur Baker dub)

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Walter said...

Hooray! Finally someone who features The Woodentops. I like most of their 80s stuff and you'r right: they got into dancefloor music earlier than others. Great song btw.