Tuesday 10 June 2014

Jackie Collins Existential Question Time.

A few years ago The Manic Street Preachers commissioned other artists and producers to remix tracks from there then current album Journal For Plague Lovers, resulting in an album entitled Cooking -  Cleaning - Flower Arranging. I bought the album for the Weatherall and Optimo mixes as you do. By this time I had pretty much lost interest in the Manics. The album as a whole is quite patchy but I couldn't tell you how much the remixes differ from the Manics versions as I have never heard the originals. I suspect, however that the St Etienne interpretation of Jackie Collins Existential Question Time if quite similar to that on Plague Lovers as my guess it is more of a cover version than a remix as it contains Sarah Cracknell's dulcet tones.

Manic Street Preachers/Saint Etienne - Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

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Echorich said...

Hearing Sarah Cracknell can change your mood and a bad day into a good one in a matter of seconds...