Thursday 12 June 2014

Happy Lanimers!!

Today is our town's annual festival to perpetuate feudalism and the rule of the nobility over us peasants! In other places in Scotland you have Gala Days but here it is way much more important than that, don't you know. There will be a procession, crowning of the Queen etc, much merriment, under age drinking and tonight drunken violence, the pubs have been open from six am and people are allowed to drink their carry-oots in the street.

Both boys are in a float or tableaux as it's called, I wonder if you can guess what the theme is?

John Martyn - Over The Rainbow

The Ohio Players - Over The Rainbow


george said...

My guess is: are they something to do with The Wizard Of Oz

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, I think it could be something to do with the Wizard of Oz too. Great photo.

Luca said...

Can I say Star Wars, just for the sake of non-conformism? The younger one could make a perfectly good Chewbacca..

drew said...

Prizes to George and SA but I wish Luca was right.

The boys had a ball and I have decided that i really do like the the pipes and drums but there is something about a brass band, this may be my Yorkshire blood coming to the fore.