Sunday 18 May 2014

Weekend Late Breakfast


Probably a bit late now but I have had another compilation posted on the excellent Cooking Up A Quiet Storm site here. It has a rather fine extended, extended version of To Ba A Lover on it.


Anto said...

that king creosote song is incredible. great stuff all round but that one is a gem

drew said...

It is Anto, it's vying for a place in my all time top 21 but I don't know what to bump.

There is a new version which was played on the Janice Forsyth show on Radio Scotland a few weeks back which is even more beautiful but I can't find it anywhere.

rf said...

Great selection. The BMX Bandits...I had no idea they could sound like that and no douglas too.

drew said...

Cheers rf - if you liked that check out there version of the Bonnie Prince Billy track After I Made Love To You